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宝塚歌劇団 星組
大切なひとよ (Je fais de toi, mon essentiel)


Le Roi Soleil - 大切なひとよ (Je fais de toi, mon essentiel)

Yuzuki Reon (Louis) & Kisaki Airi (Marie Mancini)

2014 Takarazuka Production

English Translation ~

The person I dreamed of was here when I awoke
That’s why on this morning, I want to dare to say this
Please listen to me
There’s no one in France that will celebrate this love

The only ones who will celebrate it

Is us
My precious one, hard times will come because of this happiness
Yes, because I’m the king
I dreamed of you

I dreamed of you

I must leave now that you’re awake
I was thinking of giving everything up
That’s why I’ll say this
There’s no one in the world who understands these feelings

The only one who understood

Was you

My precious one, there’s nothing else I want but this happiness

No matter how painful it may be

My precious one, no matter what happens, we’ll overcome it
Linked together forever
The one I dreamed of

Is before my eyes
Linked together forever
No matter what happens
I can’t be separated 

From the one I dreamed of

(TN: This is one of my favorite songs from the original production, so I wanted to give translating it a shot. Some of the lyrics were kind of confusing though, so here’s a few notes: 
+ 大切なひと - lit. “important person”, I changed it to “precious one" because I felt it fit the vibe of the song better
+ 夢見たひと - lit. “person who dreamed/dreamer”, but that didn’t seem to fit, so thank you to likethebreakofdawn for the suggestion of “person I was dreaming of
+ and thank you to awkwardoscar and nocturnalpoison for your help as well <3) 

теперь я слышала все х)

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